LikesXL Advertising Platform Review

LikesXL Advertising Platform Review

Description of LikesXL Advertising Platform and its history:

LikesXL is an online advertising platform and shopping portal that was launched on October 19, 2015 and on January 1, 2016 it already had more than 44,000 members in 179 countries.

It is growing faster than expected! The purpose of LikesXL is to make it possible for anyone to advertise online and to create a monthly income with minimal effort.

LikesXL Review

I thought the best way to show what is LikesXL, is to answer questions that many people ask to understand the operation of this platform.

Here most of the questions from people who want to know more about LikesXL:

Who is behind LikesXL and how does it work?

LikesXL is a sub company of Setimo AG (Reg No. FL-0002.365.435-5) with its headquarters in Liechtenstein, Hinterbühlen 46, FL 9493 Mauren.

The digital transformation characterizes our social structures, changes economic processes and opens up new business opportunities.

Thus, the business model of LikesXL as it is was unthinkable a few years ago. With the internet, there is now the possibility to reach people, who could previously, only be reached with large marketing budgets.

How does LikesXL work?

LikesXL is an affiliate or shop system, which puts most of his commissions he receives from retailers, producers or service to its partners and keeps a small amount to maintain the current platform.

Affiliate systems are internet based distribution forms, in which a commercial provider remunerates its partners with commissions.

Why do these retailers pay commissions?

LikesXL offers the opportunity that many people look at the retailer’s advertisements. This increases the chance that his products are visible and sale worldwide.

With the greatest possible distribution of commissions to the user, LikesXL allows watching customers buy advertisements, remained on the site and come back.

How can I earn money?

There are three ways to earn money:

1. Participate in the LikesXL recommendation program

2. Purchase of 1 or more PR packages
(Earn money every 30 minutes by watching ads)

3. Advertise your own company and products on LikesXL

How does the referral program work?

Recommend LikesXL by sending a reference link. If somebody registers on LikesXL, indicates your sponsor ID and buys PR packages, you will receive referral commission.

What are PR packages?

With every PR package you buy you buy 1500 potential views for the advertisement you put on LikesXL.

Do I have to buy PR packages to earn money?

No! You can use a free 30 day trial version after you first register with LikesXL. If you don’t prolong your level status after this period you will only receive a smaller referral commission.

Where do I see my commissions?

Your commissions will be transferred automatically to your available balance.
For details see “available balance” in member area.

Are there limits on PR package purchases?

Yes, there are. Depending on your member level, you can only purchase a certain number of PR packages. If you want to purchase more PR packages than that, you will first have to upgrade your level.

If you reach the diamond level, you have also reached the highest number of possible PR packs.

5% of my earnings are automatically transferred to my promotion budget?

5% of your total earnings will be transferred to your promotion budget. These can be used to purchase advertisements, vacation time, to prolong your level or to upgrade your downline.

Is there a monthly fee?

Yes. You can pay the monthly fee with your promotion budget or with your commissions.

How does the counter work?

As soon as you have completely watched 12 advertisements there will be a counter set for 24 hours.

At 12:00 pm (00:00) the number of advertisements you looked at will be set back to zero. Your chance to earn money (every 30 minutes) will expire at the end of the countdown.

Do I have to wait until the end of the countdown?

No, the countdown will reset after 12 advertisements if you have already looked at 10 advertisements before the end of the 24h countdown.

Can I change my user ID/password?

Log into your personal cockpit and press the button “edit” in your personal profile. You can only change your password, not your user ID.

What payment options can I use for my LikesXL account?

1. With credit card. You see your money immediately in your LikesXL account.
2. With bank wire transfer. You see your money after 3 till 4 working days in your LikesXL account.
3. With debit/prepaid card. You see your money immediately in your LikesXL account.

Are there any limitations to cash withdrawals?

Depending on the withdrawal method chosen only a maximum of €10.000/day can be paid out.

When my money can be paid?

At any time. You can request payment to your bank account, your credit card or your Europacard.

How long does it take the support to reply to my request?

Usually our support team replies within 24 hours. However, due to high utilization rate or weekends this might take a little longer. We try our best to precede your request as soon as possible.

Where can I find my reference link?

Login to and from top menu go to “Cockpit” and “Profile”. On the bottom of the page, you will find your link.

Which email providers do not function in the system?

There might occur problems with Hotmail and live mail. We recommend people to use Gmail addresses.

What if I have a problem with my account?

Send an email to . Please mention your LikesXL ID, your name and your request.

Do I have to pay taxes for the money earned at LikesXL?

Depending on the laws of your country, everyone has the sole responsibility to tax their earnings. We advise you to talk to a professional tax consultant.

What is the minimum payment and what is recommended?

You don’t need to pay money into your account to join LikesXL. However, if you want to move forward, you should buy PR packs. One PR pack costs 50 Euros. It is recommended to join with minimum 680 Euro.

180 Euro is for the upgrade in the downline and 500 euro to buy the PR Packages. If you want to reach your goal of 900 PR Packages fast, then you should join with 1.180 Euro (180 is for upgrading the downline and 1.000 Euro is 20 PR Packages) and try to pay more PR Packages gradually.

Will I get informed that I should pay my monthly fee?

No. You will not be informed. You should always look on your account and when the monthly payment needs to be done. You can prolong your account during the current month. For every payment there will be added another 30 days.

What is my goal in LikesXL?

1. To upgrade your downline in Level 5 and upgrade to Diamond to reach the 900 PR Packages.
2. To promote your own business, or you person, or your ideas on the LikesXL homepage with a link.
3. To share your success in LikesXL with other people and motivate them to join LikesXL and make them happy and help them reach their financial goals by using LikesXL.
4. To become financially independent through LikesXL.

Can I advertise LikesXL on social networks?

Yes you can, but advertising must first be demonstrated that the company Sétimo AG which owns LikesXL. For that, you need to send an email to the . The email should include the complete advertisement you want to do for LikesXL.

For the following, you need to be a member…

You can register here if you want!

Below you can find the next steps on your way to success and financial independency with LikesXL:

1. Log into LikesXL with your LikesXL ID or E-mail address and your password and click on the button “load/top up”.

2. Choose the amount you want to load into your LikesXL account. The minimum amount is Euro 50. In order to make rapid progress and to become financially independent we advise you to load between Euro 580 and Euro 1,180 into your account.

3. Then click on payment and choose a payment type. (If you load money via credit card you will see the money instantly in your account, if you load money via bank you will see the money after two to three workdays.)

4. After loading your LikesXL account, upgrade your downline (we recommend € 180). To do this, click on downline upgrade in your personal area which you can access with your login and your password.

5. After upgrading your downline purchase PR packages with the rest of the money. To do this, click on purchase PR packages.

6. In order to earn money every 30 minutes you have to click on 10 advertisements within 24 hours and look at them for at least 20 seconds.

7. Congratulations, you have pathed your way to success and financial independency with LikesXL.

Now for those who are asking if LikesXL is a Ponzi Scheme? Alby Koster answers…

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