Gold: your protective shield against inflation

Gold: your protective shield against inflation
Gold Your Protective Sheild Against Inflation

Fiat Paper Currencies are simply paper and thus perishable

Our currencies are being devalued due to the enormous amount of “paper” and “digital” currency created out of thin air and injected into the financial systems, out-pacing the production of goods and services thus creating worldwide price Inflation at an alarming rate.

As consumers we are experiencing this daily in the supermarket, in the movie theater and at the gas station.

Eventually, as the confidence in fiat currencies erodes, and people begin to
trade their worthless paper for tangible assets, hyper Inflation will ensue.


Gold: Stability and Safety for your future!

Gold is a precious metal worthy of respect in its role, significance, and influence as it plays to many facets of governments, business, and everyday life.

It has always been an invaluable and integral part of sound or solid financial portfolios. Gold is commonly suggested by many licensed financial experts as a hedge against rising Inflation.

Gold protects your assets from Inflation as prices for products and services increase and your paper money devalues.

Gold is not bound as a promise to pay out by a bank or a government.

The precious metal has been a universally accepted means of payment for thousands of years. It is Timeless and never rusts, rots, tears, diminishes nor needs maintenance or replacement.

Gold as Savings provides a long term effective means of protection against financial crisis and is regarded by banks as true collateral.

If a deeper Recession or Depression should occur, paper money will not necessarily be accepted by everyone.
Karatbars in small gram weights offers the best flexibility if this should occur.

The ever growing demand of Gold guaranties a continuous growth of value

Inflation cannot affect the persistent lasting value of Gold

The ever growing demand and time-tested value of Gold ensures a safe, secure and guaranteed growth option. An ounce of Gold 100 years ago would buy the same amount of products and services it does today, if not more.

In the early 1900’s Gold sold for $35 per ounce. Which would you rather have in your savings vault today? An ounce of Gold or $35?

Doesn’t it just make sense to protect your wealth with Gold?

Gold is exempt from the negative effects of Inflation.
It is experiencing an historic supply and demand ratio resulting in a continual growth in value.

Gold is a symbol for immortality

The foundation of our world´s economy is Gold

Protect your assets with Gold and provide stability for you and future
Arguments for Holding Physical 999.9 pure Gold bullion in today’s world:

  • Limited Availability
  • Hedge against Inflation
  • Stable in Value
  • Crisis-proof
  • Global Liquidity
  • Acceptable Currency independent of Governments
  • Inflation-proof
  • Generational Wealth

[Image and text via: Karatbars International GmbH]